Coal Shipment Opponents: ‘They’re the Dirtiest, Most Dangerous Trains’

Concerns over proposed rail shipments of coal through Montana, Idaho’s panhandle, and Washington state before being shipped to China drew more than 800 people on Tuesday to a public hearing at Spokane’s County Fairgrounds.

Boise Weekly first told you in February about how some of the globe’s biggest mining companies want to ship hundreds of millions of tons of coal through the northernmost sections of the United States.

This morning’s Coeur d’Alene Press reports that opponents of the shipments outnumbered supporters on Tuesday.  Opponents waved signs that said, “Check the Facts,” and wore T-shirts that said, “Coal is a dirty, old source of energy, and its time has passed.”

Boise Weekly reported on similar protests on November 17, when members of Moscow-based Wild Idaho Rising Tide joined Occupy Spokane to rally in the Idaho panhandle town of Sandpoint, where many of the shipments would roll through.

Read more: Coal Shipment Opponents: ‘They’re the Dirtiest, Most Dangerous Trains’

(By George Prentice, Boise Weekly)

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