First Annual Celebration of Wild Idaho Rising Tide 3-31-12

Participants gathered near the Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) outreach display inside the 1912 Center Great Room entrance on a rainy Saturday evening in Moscow (Tom Hansen photo).

Jeanne McHale opened the musical entertainment for the First Annual Celebration of WIRT, with original, politically charged songs about corporate and government malfeasance and environmental mayhem (Tom Hansen photo).

WIRT volunteers shared and served beer and wine as First Annual Celebration guests arrived and mingled (Tom Hansen photo).

First Annual Celebration revelers exchanged stories and smiles as the festivities commenced (Tom Hansen photo).

Jeanne McHale played galvanizing dinner music for WIRT celebration attendees, while volunteers launched a slide show of our first year in pictures (Tom Hansen photo).


The Threat Level Purple singers joined Jeanne McHale in serenading First Annual Celebration participants (Tom Hansen photo).

As the 1912 Center Great Room slowly filled with party-goers, activists and supporters enjoyed a potluck dinner provided by participants (Tom Hansen photo).

Our conservation allies from around the north central Idaho region joined WIRT stalwarts in celebrating our resistance to dirty energy invasions (Tom Hansen photo).

Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney attended the First Annual Celebration of WIRT and offered her gratitude and congratulations for our activism in a speech (Tom Hansen photo).

Between musical performances, First Annual Celebration participants filled their plates, glasses, and hearts among friends (Tom Hansen photo).

Wild Idaho Rising Tide presented Cass Davis (left) and Jim Prall (right) with commemorative T-shirts honoring their megaload blockade bravery (Tom Hansen photo).

Sharon Cousins (left) and Joshua Yeidel (right) graced the stage during intermission with a single blues song accompanied by Jeanne McHale and Fritz Knorr (Tom Hansen photo).

WIRT organizer Sharon Cousins belted out "Everybody's Mama's Got the Blues" at the First Annual Celebration of Wild Idaho Rising Tide (Tom Hansen photo).

Joshua Yeidel played back-up guitar and vocals for the tune "Everybody's Mama's Got the Blues" sung by Sharon Cousins on Saturday night (Tom Hansen photo).

After recognitions and speeches and before the raffle drawing and Corn Mash's two sets of raucous music, WIRT leaders provided a musical interlude at their First Annual Celebration (Tom Hansen photo).

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