Moscow Megaload Protests & Arrests 3-4-12

At the Wild Idaho Rising Tide protest in Moscow, Idaho, on Sunday night, March 4, 2012, four brave activists sat in Washington Street and, despite state and city police harassment, temporarily blocked and halted the death march of three of the last ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil megaloads of an Alberta tar sands upgrader plant.  From among forty surrounding demonstrators, police dragged Cass Davis, Jeanne McHale, Pat Monger, and Jim Prall out of the road and arrested Cass and Jim when they attempted to reenter.  All four blockaders embody the thousands of regional citizens concerned about the genocide and ecocide resulting from tar sands operations.  Moscow protesters hope that they have proven troublesome enough to dissuade any more modules arriving by barge at the Port of Lewiston, after the final two transports depart on Tuesday, March 6.  Nonetheless, the Kearl Oil Sands processing facilities built by the megaloads of parts that protesters could not stop will still impose “game over” for the climate and a livable future for billions of lives on this planet.

(By Zachary Johnson, selected photos from among 50 pictures available on facebook at Moscow Megaload Protests & Arrests – 4 March 2012)


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