Climate Justice Forum: Northwest & BC Pipeline Protests, Raids, & Queries, WIRT 12th Anniversary, Idaho City Oil & Gas Leases, Montana, Minnesota, & Washington Derailments, Causes, & Coal Trains 4-5-23

The Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Climate Justice Forum radio program, produced by regional, climate activists collective Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), features news, music, and reflections on coalition actions in Seattle and Spokane, Bellingham safety concern comments, and a federal agency request for information about the proposed GTN Xpress Northwest gas pipeline expansion, upcoming WIRT twelfth anniversary celebrations and myriad past events, southern Idaho city and oil and gas company conflicts over leases, corporate causes of decreasing rail safety, a Montana riverside and tunnel freight derailment and blocked, previously numerous coal trains, a fiery Minnesota ethanol train wreck, Washington and other state derailment numbers, and police raids and bank protests surrounding indigenous resistance to British Columbia pipeline construction.  Broadcast for eleven years on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow, every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, on-air at 90.3 FM and online, the show describes continent-wide, grassroots, frontline resistance to fossil fuel projects, the root causes of climate change, thanks to generous, anonymous listeners who adopted program host Helen Yost as their KRFP DJ.

Stop GTN Xpress, January 31, 2023 Rogue Climate

Pipeline Safety Trust Opposes Gas Transmission Northwest LLC’s Proposed GTN Xpress Expansion Project, March 30, 2023 Pipeline Safety Trust

FERC Requests for GTN Data 4-4-23 (WIRT facebook post forthcoming)

Congratulations to Stop GTN Xpress coalition and WIRT partner groups…, April 5, 2023 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Draft Details for 4/12 GTN Spokane Event!, April 3, 2023 Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power and Light (WIRT facebook post forthcoming)

Pink Moon: Full Moon for April 2023, April 2, 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Twelfth Annual Celebration of Wild Idaho Rising Tide, April 2, 2023 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

WIRT has hosted 253 past events in eight years?…, April 4, 2023 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

City, Oil Company at Impasse over Mineral Rights, Mar 31, 2023 Independent-Enterprise

We Discovered Why Trains Keep Derailing, March 23, 2023 More Perfect Union

#EndCoalPollution! 11 coal trains (1 double-long) crossed western Washington…, April 1, 2023 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Freight Train Derails into Clark Fork River, April 2, 2023 Daily Interlake

Montana Derailment Fuel Leak & Blocked Tunnel, April 4, 2023 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Tankers Carrying Ethanol Start on Fire after BNSF Train Derails in Raymond, Minnesota, March 30, 2023 West Central Tribune

Washington State Ranked 14th among States with Most Train Derailments, March 29, 2023 KOMO

Urgent: Raid at Gidimt’en, March 29, 2023 Decolonial Solidarity (WIRT facebook post forthcoming)

Take the Streets with Us!, March 31, 2023 Decolonial Solidarity (WIRT facebook post forthcoming)

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