Climate Justice Forum: Nick Engelfried on Youth Climate Movement, Musician Isaac Murdoch, Spokane, Northwest, & BC Pipeline & Police Resistance, Cheaper Wind & Solar than Coal Power 3-1-23

The Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Climate Justice Forum radio program, produced by regional, climate activists collective Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), features Nick Engelfried, a Northwest climate advocate, environmental educator and founder of Reconnect Earth, and freelance journalist and author of Movement Makers about American youth climate activism.  We also share news, music, and reflections on Ontario indigenous musician and artist Isaac Murdoch, a people’s hearing, a request for governor opposition, and Spokane area and Northwest resistance to a proposed gas pipeline expansion, a British Columbia First Nation lawsuit against police violations of pipeline protester rights, and a study on wind and solar power generation cheaper than coal-fired power plant operations.  Broadcast for eleven years on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow, every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, on-air at 90.3 FM and online, the show describes continent-wide, grassroots, frontline resistance to fossil fuel projects, the root causes of climate change, thanks to generous, anonymous listeners who adopted program host Helen Yost as their KRFP DJ.

Keep It in the Ground, May 5, 2022 Isaac Murdoch

Off-Grid Life North of Elliot Lake, Ontario, Inspires Indigenous Musician, June 12, 2022 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

People’s Hearing on Proposed Expansion of Spokane Valley/Liberty Lake Area Pipeline to be Held Virtually February 13, February 11, 2023 Spokane FaVs

Northwest Climate Activists Fight a New Front in the Movement to Stop Fossil Fuels, February 17, 2023 Waging Nonviolence

Environmental Groups Ask Governors to Speak Out on Pipeline Project through Washington and Oregon, February 27, 2023 Big Country News Connection

Charter Violations, February 28, 2023 Gidim’ten Checkpoint

New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper than the Costs to Operate All but One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States, January 30, 2023 Inside Climate News

Nick Engelfried: About Nick (Short Bio), Nick Engelfried

Nick Engelfried on Youth Climate Movement Makers 2-22-23 (recording):

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