Missoula Megaload Protest on Thursday Night!

On Wednesday night, March 12-13, the third Omega Morgan transport originating at the Port of Umatilla, Oregon, and carrying Alberta tar sands mining equipment traveled from Darby to Lolo, Montana, and will traverse Missoula on Thursday night, March 13-14, after midnight.  Indian Peoples Action (IPA), Blue Skies Campaign, Northern Rockies Rising Tide, and other Rising Tide groups and allies are again organizing and supporting round dances in the middle of Reserve Street, to temporarily block this megaload and share opposition to tar sands development with the world.  As we await an official media release and action alert (posted as soon as possible from the road), IPA is calling on all Natives and allies in Missoula and beyond to join in this respectful, non-violent protest with no intentions of arrests.  Action organizers are bringing independent media to ensure wide coverage, and are hoping to double participation from about 70 people at the previous Missoula megaload protest on January 23.

Contact Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) at 208-301-8039 for 12:30 pm Moscow, Idaho, carpools, and Terry Hill of Spokane Rising Tide at Facebook.com/Terry.Hill.509 for 3:00 pm Spokane, Washington, carpools to Missoula on Thursday afternoon, March 13.  Montana activists have arranged lodging for participants visiting Missoula.  Plan to meet for this great indigenous-led event at the Rosauers parking lot at 2350 South Reserve in Missoula, at 12 midnight on Thursday/Friday, March 13-14.  If you have any questions, please email Kathy Little Leaf at peiganndn@gmail.com or indianpeoplesaction@gmail.com or see the Indian Peoples Action facebook page at Facebook.com/IndianPeoplesAction for more information.  Based on the ever-changing schedule of transports in transit, WIRT will regularly update the tentative dates, times, places, and carpool arrangements of other Montana protesting and monitoring activities at various locations as they arise, on the WIRT website and facebook pages.  Idle No More!

Round 3: Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests! (February 16 Wild Idaho Rising Tide) (facebook event)

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