Call Omega Morgan CEO John McCalla!

Call Omega Morgan CEO

Call Omega Morgan CEO John McCalla at 503-647-7474 now with a message: I oppose tar sands mining, and I want you to stop shipping equipment to process it.

Big Oil has been moving massive equipment for a tar sands oil development in western Canada.  The “megaload” shipments have been challenged in Idaho, Montana, eastern Washington, and now eastern Oregon.

Climate activists object to the shipments for their potential to worsen climate change, and tribal members say they’re worried about the possibility of environmental damage in eastern Oregon, where they assert a treaty interest and say they weren’t adequately consulted.

Last week, three people were arrested while blockading these megaload shipments near Umatilla, Oregon.  More blockades are expected this week, and we’re calling on people from all over North America to help us tell shipping company Omega Morgan to stop shipping the tar sands megaloads.

Use these talking points on your call:

* I oppose the tar sands megaloads, because tar sands will spill into our water supply and soil and cook our climate.

* I oppose the tar sands megaloads, because tar sands pollution will harm communities from Alberta to those near refinery sites in Houston.

* I oppose the tar sands megaloads, because they will only serve to line the pockets of oil industry executives, while landowners from Texas on up to the Canadian border will pay the price for their greed.

If you cannot reach CEO McCalla, call Holly Zander, Omega Morgan’s press spokesperson, at 503-360-7144.

After you call, tell us how it went.

(By Rising Tide North America)

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