Montana Megaload Call to Action Tonight!

Occupy Bellingham and Spokane Rising Tide protesters of a tar sands megaload moving on Northwest Boulevard in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, on Monday, November 11

Occupy Bellingham and Wild Idaho and Spokane Rising Tides protesters of a tar sands megaload moving on Northwest Boulevard in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Monday, November 11

From Northern Rockies Rising Tide:

Just in case you thought that General Electric and Omega Morgan had backed down in their quest to ship their oversized earth destroyers through our area, think again!  Omega Morgan has begun transporting the remaining modules from the Port of Wilma via Highway 95 North and Interstate 90 East.  You may remember that the first megaload the company tried to move up Highway 12 in early August was met with fierce resistance from the Nez Perce Nation and a smaller solidarity rally here in Missoula.

For the past four nights, monitors with Wild Idaho Rising Tide and Occupy Bellingham and Spokane have followed and documented the latest and largest of these modules to leave the Port of Wilma.  Word has it that this piece of equipment made it just inside the Montana border early Wednesday morning.  It will likely continue its journey tonight – eastward and north to the tar sands fields of Alberta.

This is obviously very short notice, but if there is ANYONE who would be willing and able to monitor this shipment as it approaches and passes through the Missoula area, it would be a huge help in ramping up the growing campaign against fossil fuel infrastructure in the Northwest.  Even more, if folks wanted to throw together a small rally in Bonner, the megaload’s likely stopping point, it would show a great deal of solidarity with the folks in Moscow and the Nez Perce Nation.

I would love to help out, but am out-of-state right now.  If this is something that someone would be interested in, please respond to this message and call me (406-241-9932) or Helen Yost with Wild Idaho Rising Tide (208-301-8039) for monitoring protocol.  I know there are people who would have a better understanding of how/when to monitor the shipments from the campaign in 2011, so feel free to step forward.  The big thing is seeing if they go up Highway 200 or on to Butte and up Interstate 15.  Please keep me posted if anyone is able to get out there; I wish that I could help!

In solidarity from afar,

Steven, Northern Rockies Rising Tide

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