Highway 95’s Largest OmegaLoad MoreAgain: Round 3


Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and allies need you on the road again tonight, to dog and document Omega Morgan megaload passage over and under some precarious Interstate 90 bridges and up some steep inclines, and to encourage General Electric to keep this hopefully last tar sands equipment out of northern Idaho!  On Monday night, the transport and convoy rolled from Highway 95 milepost 405, north of Worley, to Interstate 90 milepost 18, a few miles east of Coeur d’Alene.  We witnessed many conveyance snafus, such as striking and/or barely fitting under the Highway 95 bridge over Northwest Boulevard and around the curves of on/off ramps in Coeur d’Alene, and transport interaction problems, like visibly angry truckers tailgating convoy vehicles blocking and slowing interstate traffic behind bridges to 5 miles per hour.  WIRT and Spokane Rising Tide are still recruiting Tuesday night megaload monitors and hoping to post more photos/videos soon.  A Moscow participant and a Spokane volunteer each need a traveling partner, and a Bellingham comrade currently visiting Coeur d’Alene will also monitor and protest with us tonight.  See the following links, especially the Monday and (posted soon) Tuesday KRFP Evening Reports, for more information about recent megaload occurrences, and contact WIRT SOON to participate tonight.

General Electric Sends Tar Sands Megaload through Moscow (November 11 KRFP Evening Report)

GE Megaload Gets Stuck Under Northwest Boulevard Bridge, Takes Sherman Avenue through Downtown Coeur d’Alene Instead (November 12 KRFP Evening Report)

Highway 95’s Largest OmegaLoad MoreAgain (Wild Idaho Rising Tide) (facebook event)

Highway 95’s Largest OmegaLoad MoreAgain: Round 2 (Wild Idaho Rising Tide)

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