Educate Yourselves about Oil and Gas

Tina Fisher, New Plymouth

The Argus Observer 6/20/13

Currently, our Payette County Commissioners are considering a draft oil and gas ordinance.  On Monday, June 24, at 11 am, they will be making a decision on this draft ordinance.  Here are some facts that every resident of Payette County should be aware of and that our Commissioners should be taking into consideration as they debate the merits of this ordinance.

Industry’s own documents show that approximately six percent of all new wells leak immediately and that eventually most, if not all of them, will leak!  I choose to live in New Plymouth because of the quality of my drinking water, clean air, and enjoyable rural lifestyle.  Drilling of gas wells carries with it all of the toxins and pollutants required to “frack” or “chemically stimulate” these wells: many, such as benzene, are cancer-causing.  The produced or flowback water is not only toxic but can be radioactive as well!

These poisons can get into our groundwater – yours, too.  They enter the corn and hay that farmers grow and feed to chickens, cows, pigs, etc.  The eggs you cook for breakfast and the burgers you grill for your family can make you sick.  Ask yourself, “What does rich mean to me?”  If it means healthy bodies, abundant wildlife, beautiful vistas, clean, sweet-smelling air and water, then heed my warning and move to protect your riches.  It’s time to wake up.

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