Idaho Anti-Fracking Protest Attracts Police Involvement, No Arrests Occur

Eight embedded videos of footage of the Friday, June 7, Stop the Frack Attack, Idaho! protest at the Idaho Department of Lands office in Boise, filmed and provided by Mark Reinhardt

This is Idaho Calling

Mark Reinhardt- Boise Idaho

Within the afternoon hour, protestors associated with the activist group, “Idaho Wild Rising Tide”. Were held in the later afternoon hours outside the Idaho Department of Lands in response to a Gas Well lease currently being planned for the Payette Idaho area.

According to the mandate of the Idaho Department of Lands, posted on the agencies website, their mandate states, “The Idaho Department of Lands carries out the daily management of 2.4 million acres of state endowment trust land, generating income for the beneficiaries a number of ways; the sale of timber; leases for grazing, farming, conservation, commercial building, recreational home site, and mining; and earnings from invested funds.”

During, the exchange between the activist group, and Tom Schultz Director of the Lands Department. The activists had asked why there wasn’t further notification. The Director had stated during this exchange that public comment is currently…

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