WIRT Activist House Party


On a beautifully balmy Moscow Saturday evening in May (especially with reduced university traffic noise and carbon emissions!), Wild Idaho Rising Tide invites you and your friends and family to our humble house to celebrate our collective, its amazing activists, allies, and base camp, and to strategize and energize for a summer of successful actions.  The party starts at 7 pm on Saturday, May 18, and continues far into the evening.  Come and bring beverages, snacks, or dishes to share with your comrades, for a lively night of radical elbow-rubbing, merry-making, and music-playing.  Activists inclined to jam can join the acoustic fray in the front room, dancers can enjoy the roomy kitchen, and party-goers can relax in the back porch and yard.  WIRT would be delighted and infinitely grateful for the honor of your revolutionary presence amongst this revelry!

Thanks to everyone who has donated toward filling the hundred-year-old, two-bedroom WIRT Activist House over the last ten months with essential furniture and household goods: a futon bed, desk, book shelf, screen, printer, microwave, coaches, kitchen and living room chairs, side tables, wall pictures, curtains, bedding, towels, dishes, glasses, cups, plants, and protest sign paints.  We have been fortunate to accommodate several presenters and traveling activists in our downtown house beneath a huge cottonwood tree, but still need just a few more items for our guests: a kitchen table and utensils, a back porch coach cover or new cushions, and a double sized mattress pad and sheets.

The WIRT Activist House is open daily between noon and 8 pm, to provide our group a combined working space, monthly meeting place, information resource center, and visiting/resident climate activist home.  We recently renewed the lease and are still searching through our network for one or two house mates to support some of the monthly rental and utility costs.  Please contact us with your suggestions and questions about the house party and other WIRT business.  Call 208-301-8039 for our location.

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