U.S. Highway 95 DEIS Misinformation

Lahde Forbes, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 2/21/13

At the Idaho Transportation Department Hearing on January 23, I talked with Tim Long, district right of way supervisor, and Carmen Reese, senior right of way agent. We looked at which eight businesses would be displaced on alternative C-3. They informed me in fact no businesses will be displaced, and the widening of current U.S. Highway 95 would have no effect beyond a potential noise increase.

I was surprised ITD had the displacement of eight businesses as one of its main four reasons for not choosing C-3 as its preferred alternative since this information is inaccurate. Long wanted me to stress in my comment letter that “there will be no definitive displacement of businesses (on C-3) and that this is misleading to the public.” I expect to see this information corrected in the subsequent IDT hearing information boards and in the DEIS/FEIS.

Another concern for Moscow and the surrounding communities is the displacement of residents. On February 11, I spoke again with Long to clarify what we may expect for residential displacements. He said E-2 would displace the most residents because of issues with a displaced well and ITD had decided to relocate all of the residences within the mobile home park and a house above the park on Eid Road. He also stated only one residence would be displaced along the C-3 route. This information is very different than that presented at the Jan. 23 public hearing and in the DEIS, which stated C-3 would displace seven residences and E-2 would displace only five.

It appears there has been an error made in the information disseminated to the public and to the board making the final alignment decision.

Please take this information into account when writing your comments and deciding which alignment you prefer.

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