U.S. Highway 95 Displacements Wrong

A KRFP Radio Free Moscow interview with former Paradise Ridge resident and current Paradise Ridge Defense Coalition (PRDC) member Lahde Forbes reveals that Highway 95 realignment along a central route analyzed by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) would only encroach upon eight businesses, not displace them as described in ITD’s draft environmental impact statement (EIS).  Also contrary to DEIS estimates, an ITD-preferred eastern re-routing alternative would displace an entire mobile home park, house, and two supporting domestic wells, while the PRDC-favored central alignment would only dislodge one home.  The feature Friday edition newscast also airs testimony offered by Mary Ullrich at the ITD public hearing on the DEIS on January 23.  Listen to between 20:36 and 0:50 of the news story Resident Says Talk with ITD District Right-of-Way Manager Shows Business and Residence Displacement Figures in ITD Draft U.S. 95 EIS are Wrong on the February 15, 2013, KRFP Evening Report, U.S. Highway 95 Displacements Wrong.

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