A Win-Win Option

Keith G. Haley, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 1/24/13

A few important thoughts on the U.S. Highway 95 relocation.

The realignment of 95 south of Moscow will be permanent.

It is important we get it right. I feel certain the C-3 alternative route is absolutely the best choice.

My first reason is highway elevation. Anybody who has lived on the Palouse for more than a summer knows the hill to the north of Moscow, Steakhouse Hill, and to the south, Reisenauer Hill, are the winter danger spots. Black ice, blowing snow and unpredictable weather issues begin in November each year and can last until late spring.

The current proposed highway relocation route E-2 increases the elevation of Highway 95 entering Moscow by directing the route up Paradise Ridge. This is unnecessary, as the C-3 alternative route takes advantage of the lower elevation and incorporates portions of the existing highway grade. I can see no justification for climbing that hill. In fact, during a typical weather year it will be more dangerous.

My second issue is the unnecessary destruction of the unique and delicate flora and fauna of Paradise Ridge. The serious effects of highway construction and relocation associated with this project have been well documented. If there were compelling reasons why the E-2 site was the only option I would support the project without objection. This is not the case. I see the C-3 Highway 95 alternative as an important win-win option.

I urge the residents of Latah County to support the C-3 route to the ITD.

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