Mega-Load Rolls through the Night on U.S. 12

One of the largest shipments ever to roll across U.S. Highway 12 is sitting at a rest stop near Orofino this morning, after crawling through the night from the Port of Wilma, Washington, and into Idaho.

This morning’s Lewiston Tribune reports that the 236-foot-long mega-load is water purification equipment bound for the Kearl Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada.

The Tribune reports that the mega-load consumes two lanes of traffic, but is not allowed to delay other highway vehicles more than 15 minutes, per its permit instructions from the Idaho Transportation Department.  The hauler paid $1,070 for the permit, according to the Tribune.

Idaho environmentalists, including Wild Idaho Rising Tide, were planning two demonstrations against highway use by the mega-loads – the first Monday night in Lewiston and another for Wednesay night near Syringa.

Read more: Mega-Load Rolls through the Night on U.S. 12

(By George Prentice, Boise Weekly)

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