The Brave and Bold Homecoming Parade

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) will walk among friends, co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors and may be accompanied by local musical performers in the 2012 University of Idaho Homecoming Parade, aptly named The Brave and Bold.  On Saturday, October 6, our grassroots collective of activists, who directly confront the root causes of the climate crisis and promote community solutions to it, will carry our five-by-fifteen-foot group banner and dozens of tar sands, coal, and fracking protest signs along Main Street to Seventh Street.  The homecoming parade presents one of our best opportunities to reach our fellow city residents, as we once again take to the streets, chant brief slogans, and hand out educational and Dana Lyons concert flyers along the way.  The entry announcer will describe our mission and introduce us as “Hundreds of these regional citizens are protesting hydraulic fracturing (or ‘fracking’) for natural gas in Idaho, export of Montana and Wyoming coal to Asia on 50 daily trains to ports across the Northwest, and Alberta tar sands development and transportation via megaload equipment transports and pipeline construction.”

Meet us under our unfurled banner beneath the Rosauers sign in the east parking lot (411 North Main Street in Moscow) at 9 am on Saturday morning.  We have requested a spot toward the back of the parade that starts at 10 am, so some of our more melodious co-activists in the front can potentially double back and bolster our entourage.  Although we share plenty of tar sands, megaload, and fracking protest signs, we plan to craft our first anti-coal export signs for parade display at the WIRT Activist House on Thursday evening, October 4, at 5 pm.  Spark some crucial, election month resistance to the tyranny of fossil fuel corporations and stir up some action in Moscow this weekend with us!  If we have not been The Brave and Bold in this town over the last year, then who has?  Let’s shine together again!

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