Global Frackdown! in Boise

During the 2012 Idaho legislative session, a majority of our state senators and representatives succumbed to the mercenary ambitions of the oil and natural gas industry and passed state laws and regulations allowing hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and subsequent waste injection wells accommodating oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation in the state.  Despite sustained outcry from thousands of citizens and diligent input from scientists, elected officials, and conservation organizations, our delegates have effectively compromised our drinking water, jeopardized our health, undermined local protective ordinances, threatened agricultural communities, endangered tourism revenue, and risked the state’s lands and economy.

In response to our policy makers and in conjunction with the Global Frackdown! on Saturday, September 22, concerned citizens and climate justice activists from across Idaho are converging to stage the first public demonstration against looming initial fracking in Idaho.  As we craft a ballot measure to ban all toxic oil and gas practices statewide, Wild Idaho Rising Tide, Idaho Residents against Gas Extraction (IRAGE), and other groups and individuals are launching a petition and rally on the Jefferson Street steps of the Idaho Capitol in Boise (700 West Jefferson Street).  Join us between 11 am and 12:30 pm with your family and friends and protest signs, banners, and chants.  Contact Wild Idaho Rising Tide at 208-301-8039 or Idaho Residents against Gas Extraction at 208-695-1556 for information about carpools embarking from northern and southern Idaho respectively.  (We are departing the south lot of Eastside Marketplace in Moscow at 5 pm on Friday, September 21, and returning on Saturday evening.)

Idahoans and neighbors, please profusely print and post this letter-sized, color Global Frackdown in Boise Flyer, hand distribute this Global Frackdown in Boise Quarter Flyer, and do not miss this historic event!  Thanks!

Cross-posted in the Earth First! Newswire: Global Frackdown! in Boise, Idaho

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