Climate Justice Forum: Crystal Lameman & Lowell Chandler 8-20-12

On Wild Idaho Rising Tide’s (WIRT) Monday, August 20, Climate Justice Forum radio program, we welcome Crystal Lameman, a Beaver Lake Cree First Nation activist and the Peace River tar sands campaigner for the Indigenous Environmental Network in Alberta, talking about current indigenous lawsuits against the Canadian provincial and federal governments and efforts to restore Native treaty rights and stop Alberta tar sands exploitation.  Blue Skies Campaign organizer and spokesperson Lowell Chandler of Missoula, Montana, describes August 12 to 20 Coal Export Action protests and activities at the Montana Capitol and in Helena as well as recent issue updates.  Broadcast on KRFP Radio Free Moscow between 7:30 and 9:30 pm PDT live at 92.5 FM and online, the show also covers continent-wide climate activism news.  Listen to an edited recording of the August 20 Climate Justice Forum posted in Radio4All and adopt WIRT as your KRFP DJ.

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