Civil Disagreement, Not Disobedience

Victoria Seever, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News

It is not illegal to gather in protest against an action or law – it is a guaranteed freedom in this country.  For many, it is a civil duty if things get to that point.  When done well, opposing parties maintain a respectful demonstration and neither property nor persons are injured.  In this country, political dissent does not reap the immediate response of prison and torture or death – a point not lost on our founding fathers.

The megaloads are a hot button and part of a critical issue on multiple fronts.  Please do consider the many angles and make your concerns known in appropriate venues where you feel compelled to do so.

If it is the mayor’s prerogative to include megaload protestors as an Earth Day award, I’m sure she is recognizing it takes commitment to stand up and be counted, even on the streets.  I’m sure she knows there would be some flack and disagreement because of it.

I’m sorry for the additional distress and effort placed on our law enforcement due to the protests, but the intent is not to attack our police force and, in this and countless other areas, we are grateful that our officers are committed to public safety – where would we be without them?  It’s especially hard to face your neighbors in a protest, but take comfort in knowing that our officers are our neighbors and neither they nor our residents are faceless combatants who might not evoke caring and restraint from both sides.  Perhaps Moscow can be a model for such protest, perfect or not, but functioning and mutually respectful.

Let’s cease with verbal stone throwing and tackle the real issues at hand.  It is up to each of us to consider, to speak out, to vote and act with conscience.


1 thought on “Civil Disagreement, Not Disobedience

  1. I agree that full respect for officials and even adversaries on the issue at hand as brothers and sisters beloved by God is the proper way to perform nonviolent resistance. It is unfortunate that nonviolent resisters, who generally know enough to be polite, sometimes see an adversarial role as meaning less than loving adversaries as people.

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