Moscow Mayor’s 2012 Earth Day Awards

Congratulations, Moscow community megaload protesters!

Remember all of those cold and lonely nights that we stood together outside Moscow City Hall and protested the largest, most energy intensive and ecologically destructive industrial project in the world, Alberta tar sands operations?  Our good consciences understood and resisted the myriad environmental and social injustices and pollution- and climate-caused suffering that now results from the Idaho Transportation Department’s permission and our City Council’s acceptance of ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil megaloads rampaging our city streets, state highways, and civil rights.

But a full year of speaking at public hearings, writing letters, encouraging citizen involvement, monitoring overlegal loads, broadcasting updates, offering information to the media, searching for lawyers, and testifying in court managed only to re-route the industrial parade of climate chaos through communities who have yet to overtly display their concerns.  With no other remaining recourse in Moscow, we upheld our most significant redress of our grievances with unresponsive government officials and industry executives, as we publicly protested EVERY megaload passage.

On Monday, April 16, Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney will acknowledge our vigilant and valiant efforts.  At the onset of the regular City Council meeting at 7 pm, our mayor will announce the recipients of the 2012 Mayor’s Earth Day Awards that recognize Moscow residents for activities conducive to environmental sustainability.  Mayor Chaney has requested the honor of our presence in (not outside!) the Moscow City Hall Council Chambers (206 East Third Street) as she commends the megaload protesters of our Moscow community.  Please join us!  For more information, see the Moscow-Pullman Daily News article, the City Council meeting agenda, or contact Jen Pfiffner at or 208-883-7123.

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