Climate Justice Forum: Alma Hasse & Tina Fisher 4-2-12

On the Monday evening, April 2, Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted online and on-the-air by Wild Idaho Rising Tide organizers between 7:30 and 9 pm Pacific time, we talked again with anti-fracking activists Alma Hasse and Tina Fisher of Payette County, Idaho.  They discussed resident initiatives to counter emerging natural gas exploitation recently facilitated by industry bills and state rules enacted by the Idaho legislature and governor.  Alma also described the conflicts of interest and disregard of constituents’ concerns among myriad state legislators, agency personnel, and county officials.  Listen to an excerpt of our conversation, Little Regulation of Payette County Fracking Near Homes Expected, between 20:50 and 13:29 on the Tuesday, April 3, KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Climate Change.  WIRT intends to edit the sound quality of all of the Climate Justice Forums and post links to each broadcast on our website.

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