Police Arrest Two Imperial Shipment Protesters Sunday, Last Shipment Slated for Tonight

Moscow Police arrested two Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil protesters for refusing to leave the roadway at Washington and Fourth streets as a convoy of three shipments of refinery modules attempted to pass through the city.

Moscow Police Chief David Duke said James Prall, 67, and Cass Davis, 47, both of Moscow, were arrested after they were removed a second time from the road around 11 p.m. They were first removed and warned about obstructing the travel of three shipments, but then returned to the roadway where they sat down and linked arms, he said, adding two women were also removed from the roadway. They did not return, however, and so they were not arrested.

“Everybody was respectful, even the ones who were arrested,” said Duke. “They were just passively resistant.”

Contract hauler Mammoet is slated to transport the final two of 78 shipments from the Port of Lewiston after 8 p.m. tonight. The first shipment is 24 feet wide, 15 feet high, 215 feet long and 415,000 pounds. The second shipment is 24 feet wide, 15 feet high, 135 feet long and 255,000 pounds.

“We don’t have any information that anyone at this point is wanting to obstruct the loads,” said Duke of the final shipments.

(By The Moscow-Pullman Daily News)


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