Megaloads and Arrests, Moscow, Idaho 3-4-12

Challenged by contrasting darkness and bright lights, this video shot by Joshua Yeidel with a small snapshot camera shows four good people putting their bodies in Washington Street for a better future for all of the world’s descendants.  As enormous loads of oil-field equipment head for the climate-killing Alberta tar sands mines, citizens of Moscow, Idaho, gathered on Sunday, March 6, to bear witness, raise their voices in protest, and cry out truth.  In spite of heavy police presence, four brave men and women (Cass Davis, Jeanne McHale, Pat Monger, and Jim Prall) sat down in the street and briefly blocked three megaloads, before being dragged away and the two men arrested.  These surreal scenes in a small, rural, north Idaho college town are emblematic of the madness that attends every aspect of Alberta tar sands projects.  Thanks to all who actively oppose the genocide, ecocide, and climate chaos induced by tar sands production consumed almost entirely by Americans.

(By Joshua Yeidel)


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