Good Riddance, ExxonMobil!

On Tuesday, March 6, the last two of over 70 components of a Canadian tar sands upgrader will cross Highway 95 and Moscow en route to Montana and Alberta.  The community of life on this planet needs our full participation tonight as we together raise our voices and impose our bodies against ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil’s dirty energy and its dire ecological and climate consequences.  Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) members and regional activists will launch our final, local, anti-megaload actions in downtown Moscow starting at 9:30 pm PST, to celebrate Big Oil’s departure from the Port of Lewiston and north central Idaho and to further expose its degradation of the boreal forest, First Nations’ health, and our global climate.  After our successful civil disobedience blockade on Sunday by Cass Davis, Jeanne McHale, Pat Monger, and Jim Prall, corporate oppression at the hands of state, county, and city police, pilot vehicle drivers, and flaggers will likely tighten security around its single-file Moscow convoy and staggered transports on the rest of its Idaho route.

But the power of worldwide concern over expanding tar sands production will eventually prevail, and our local piece of the resistance rises again tonight!  Please join WIRT activists at 7:30 pm or 10:30 pm to monitor the 15-feet high, 24-feet wide megaloads on hydraulic trailers south or north of Moscow, and/or converge with the Moscow Volunteer Peace Band at 9:30 pm to rally against the behemoths respectively weighing 255,000 and 415,000 pounds and measuring 135 and 215 feet long.  For all of these shared endeavors, meet with your friends, family, signs, banners, musical instruments, and voices at the corner of Second and Washington streets near Moscow City Hall.  Let’s send off the departing megaloads as they move through Moscow with our best show of force.  Because the two shipments will only travel to the former public weigh station now privatized into a corporate parking/staging area north of Worley, we could also demonstrate against the same unwelcome loads in Coeur d’Alene on Wednesday evening, if weather favors our plans.  We heartily welcome your spontaneous combustions of anti-tar sands passion everywhere!

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