Stop the Tar Sands, Idaho!

If you could choose only a few nights to oppose the brutal expansion of the largest industrial project on Earth, Alberta tar sands exploitation, Sunday, March Fourth! and possibly another evening this week offer your best chances!  Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists and Moscow community members plan to fully exercise our First Amendment rights of free speech and public assembly on Sunday and as the last five twice-postponed megaloads of over 70 upgrader plant parts rampage Highway 95 this week.  These demonstrations present some of your last local opportunities to express your outrage with ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil’s corporate malfeasance with tar sands transportation and production projects: be there or miss the action!

Three more 15-foot tall megaloads collectively weighing 865,000 pounds will roar up Highway 95 separately from the Port of Lewiston after 8 pm on Sunday, March Fourth! until they slither through Moscow in a single convoy and disperse north of town.  Blocking two lanes of traffic and, along most of their route, the entire road with their 22- to 24-foot widths, two of the shipments on conventional trailers stretch out 150 feet and weigh 200,000 and 250,000 pounds, while the other behemoth on a hydraulic trailer measures 215 feet long and weighs 415,000 pounds.  The smaller transports will crush road beds and bridges during their one night flight toward Wallace, Idaho, as the larger megaload likewise digs deeper washboard ruts into traffic lane centers, on its way to a parking/staging area north of Worley.

After almost two years of speaking at public hearings, writing letters, testifying in court, broadcasting updates, monitoring overlegal loads, offering information to the media, and encouraging citizen involvement, we uphold one remaining recourse to unresponsive state officials and industry executives who risk climate chaos with every megaload passage: PROTEST!  As lighter winter snows fall across the Palouse, ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil and its hauler Mammoet pay our state troopers and city and county police, pilot vehicle drivers, and flaggers, to impose the myriad, worldwide, environmental and social injustices and other pollution- and climate-caused suffering that currently issue from their collective decisions and actions.

We are inviting our allies across the region and country to participate in our final two or three actions to kick ExxonMobil out of north central Idaho!  Stand in solidarity with hundreds of people around the globe grieving the tar sands with candlelight vigils at Canadian embassies on Wednesday, March 7 (Learn more at  The Sierra Club is hosting these Tar Sands Vigils at over a dozen locations nationwide, to denounce mining that destroys the largest remaining intact ecosystem in the world (the boreal forest), poisons downstream and downwind human and wildlife communities, and produces the planet’s dirtiest oil, not to mention one of its greatest sources of carbon emissions.  The world eagerly anticipates our resistance leadership this week.

Please join Wild Idaho Rising Tide tar sands protesters and monitors on Sunday, March Fourth! at either 7:30 pm (after calling 208-301-8039), to monitor megaloads for damning evidence between Lewiston and Moscow, or at 10:30 pm, to scrutinize their ubiquitous safety violations en route to Coeur d’Alene.  Protesters are converging earlier than usual this week at 9:30 pm, to walk with the Moscow Volunteer Peace Band, our friends, and lit candles throughout downtown and gather more demonstrators.  To confront some of the last Lewiston tar sands shipments in Washington Street, please meet near Moscow City Hall at the corner of Second and Washington streets.  WIRT organizers will provide protest signs, banners, chants, music, and support, but we need YOU and EVERYONE in the Moscow streets this week: spread the word!


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