Seven Better Never than Late Megaloads

[Update: Wild Northern Rockies winter weather and other adverse conditions have reportedly forced ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil to postpone passage of its three Tuesday megaloads until Wednesday, February 22.  For further logistical information, please see the following revised request for protester and monitor involvement.]

With only a few of the 78 split-megaloads remaining at the Port of Lewiston, citizens outraged by corporate takeover of our public resources and senseless exacerbation of ecological destruction, Native genocide, and climate chaos NEED YOU in the Moscow streets on Wednesday night, February 22, to remind ExxonMobil’s Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil how forever unwelcome it is in north central Idaho.  Between the four Highway 12 court cases and about 40 Highway 95 protests in Moscow and Potlatch, we are kicking Big Oil’s tar sands equipment off the taxpayer-funded highways it has conspicuously damaged with over 70 massive loads, as we expand megaload opposition to Spokane and Interstate 90 (see Highway 95 Megaload Tire Marks south of Plummer, Idaho 2-17-12).

Unless predicted strong spring snows postpone their corporate power parade leaving the port after 8 pm on Wednesday evening, the hauler Mammoet and its employed state troopers, flaggers, and pilot vehicle drivers will escort three transports separately across Idaho except when they navigate Moscow protesters and city police in a single convoy.  All three megaloads are 15 feet high and block two lanes with their 22 to 24 foot widths.  Heading to a Wallace, Idaho, parking/staging area before dawn, the first module on a conventional trailer measures 150 feet long and weighs 250,000 pounds.  The other two megaloads on hydraulic trailers will likewise shred our roads and bridges with their respective 115 and 195 foot lengths and their 215,000 and 315,000 pounds, on their way to the constantly guarded former weigh station just north of Worley (with Megaloads Parked at Highway 95 Milepost 405, Idaho 2-17-12).

To monitor the dangerous conditions around these Wednesday shipments with experienced peers, video and still cameras, audio recorders, and/or notes, please call 208-301-8039 and meet at 7:30 pm near Moscow City Hall at the corner of Second and Washington streets (view Unflagged Highway 95 Pullover for Megaload Passage 12-21-11).  Protesters will arrive at the same location between 9:30 and 10 pm to voice our opposition to the megaloads’ destination, the 232-square-mile, largest industrial project in the world.  Wild Idaho Rising Tide will provide signs, banners, props, and plenty of solidarity for this community direct action.  Monitors observing the megaloads north toward Coeur d’Alene will depart Moscow after the rally.  Participate in one or all three of these concluding, historic efforts to halt devastating tar sands production, while you still can!

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