Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

The creator of the Stop the Megaloads Now! video, Wild Idaho Rising Tide member Paul Edwards of Class War Films published this exquisitely crafted 23-minute montage of “a brief and crucial history of the United States” in February 2012.  It accurately captures our collective worldview and compulsions toward justice beyond our megaload, tar sands, coal, and fracking campaigns.  He shared it again recently with a note that we hope will encourage your ongoing dirty energy resistance and activism to extract our communities from our current, rapidly deteriorating, fossil-fueled situation:

“You are…doing what is required, urging the first steps in action, to overcome the Predatory Capitalist System that is bent on enslaving and degrading all humanity and jeopardizing all life on earth.  I’m in awe of your determination and tenacity.  The great work of productive revolution is done by the hard work of a few.  Fight on: you are not alone.”

(Link provided by Scott Phillips and Paul Edwards)

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