The Megaload End is Nigh!

On Tuesday evening, February 7, three of the remaining 14 ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil megaloads at the Port of Lewiston are heading up Highway 95, together weighing almost 900,000 pounds and stretching 570 feet or about four blocks long.  If weather does not again complicate the transport of these tar sands processing modules, the 15-feet tall, 22- to 24-feet wide rolling roadblocks, escorted by pilot vehicle drivers and Idaho troopers and scrutinized by citizen monitors, will travel separately except through Moscow, where a single convoy will encounter flaggers, city police, and protesters.  Mammoet will haul the 200,000-pound, 175-feet long megaload on a conventional trailer to the Wallace snow graveyard west of Lookout Pass.  The other two behemoths, respectively 195 feet and 360,000 pounds and 200 feet and 335,000 pounds, will move on hydraulic trailers to a parking/staging area between Worley and the Coeur d’Alene casino, where vigilant community members have observed two or three guards stationed at all times.

Oil company developers of the Alberta tar sands are relying on you to either sleep through corporate takeover of our public resources or to constrain your outrage with undue civility toward the instruments of planetary demise.  Our fellow inhabitants of the Earth are depending on you (tonight!) to halt ecological destruction, indigenous genocide, severe weather, spreading droughts, melting ice reserves, and inundating seas.  If our incompetent state transportation officials are so colluded by this exorbitant transportation venture that they squander millions of our tax dollars on administrative costs and infrastructure repairs, Idahoans must retaliate.  Please join us in scrutinizing, challenging, and ending this ecological exploitation and climate change travesty.

At 7:30 pm on Tuesday, at Second and Washington streets near Moscow City Hall, monitors will meet to document megaload transgressions between Lewiston and Moscow, with photographic, audio, video, and other recording devises.  Protesters will converge between 9:30 and 10 pm, to confront Alberta tar sands expansion and accompanying infringements of basic human rights to health, safety, and a sustainable environment.  Monitors following the corporate parade north of Moscow will depart immediately after the demonstration.  More now than ever, with only five more megaload passages on Highway 95, lend your voice and efforts to our opposition of this emerging industrial corridor to tar sands operations.


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