Climate Justice Forum: Aaron Malgren 1-23-12

Starting on Monday, January 23, between 7:30 and 9:00 pm PST, Wild Idaho Rising Tide is hosting a 1 1/2 hour radio show entitled Climate Justice Forum, aired at 92.5 FM and audio-streamed by KRFP Radio Free Moscow.  On our inaugural broadcast, we will host Aaron Malgren, one of two cyclists arrested during the critical mass Bikes, Not Bitumen! protest against Imperial Oil tar sands transports through Moscow on October 6.

In every one of our programs sandwiched between Flashpoints and Occupy Wall Street, we plan to intersperse our regional and national dirty energy news and interviews with activists and academics with coverage of the work of our fellow Rising Tide colleagues across the country.  Besides announcing direct actions and educational events that people in the Northern Rockies/Northwest could attend, we would greatly appreciate talking with each of you by phone on the air about your admirable initiatives and successes in confronting climate change challenges.  Please contact us soon to arrange a Monday evening conversation!  If we do not hear from you, expect an invitation soon…

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