ExxonMobil Announces Wednesday Night U.S. 95 Tar Sands Shipments

This KRFP Radio Free Moscow news chronicles the changed holiday schedule of Imperial Oil megaload traffic through Moscow, announcing the unexpected first run on Wednesday, December 21, since a smaller module struck a mini-van pulled over by a flagger on Highway 95.  Helen Yost of Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) also provides extensive explanations of the premature resumption of module movements, their observed and inherent dangers, and likely increases in such transports on Highways 12, 95, and 395 toward Alberta’s dirty energy extraction boom.  Listeners can additionally learn about Winter Solstice opportunities for monitoring and protesting these tar sands shipments with WIRT activists.  Check out ExxonMobil Announces Wednesday Night U.S. 95 Tar Sands Shipments between 18:30 and 8:25 of the Tuesday, December 20, Evening Report, Hawkins Considers Moscow, at http://radiofreemoscow.org/2011/12/20111221/.

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