Take a Hard Look at Megaload ‘Process’

Jacki Vorhees, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 12/17/11

Who is in charge of managing these megaloads coming through our town and on our highways?

The accident involving a megaload near Viola was blamed on one of the drivers involved and now it appears, through statements made in the Lewiston Tribune and Daily News, that someone is blaming the driver of the megaload in this recent accident in Moscow. The Tribune stated that this driver has driven these megaloads through Moscow before. So one would think he knows the routine. Why did the Idaho State Patrol car and the pilot car, who escort this behemoth through town, take off if it wasn’t safe to go?

I think there are many who could be blamed for this accident. What about the statement that ISP and Mammoet will be investigating this accident? How can they objectively investigate this accident when they are involved and are also getting paid by Imperial Oil to escort these megaloads? I also wonder about the specific transportation plan that Imperial spokesman Pius Rolheiser mentions. He states, “There are procedures and protocols.” What are these procedures and protocols, and are they really being followed? I think it’s time for someone to take a hard look at the Idaho Transportation Department and this venture they’ve orchestrated. The ITD and Imperial Oil owe that to the residents of Idaho and James Urquidez.

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