Local Tar Sands Action Movement Strategy Session

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) organizer Robb Briggs is hosting a strategy session for the national group Tar Sands Action (TSA) at his Pullman home on Wednesday, November 30, starting at 7 pm.  TSA was founded along with 350.org by Bill McKibben, the author of many excellent books, including The End of Nature, Deep Economy, and Eaarth, who visited the University of Idaho last spring and has emerged in recent years as our nation’s most prominent and effective climate activist.  In August and September 2011, TSA organized the civil disobedience demonstrations at the White House that led to the arrest of more than 1,200 protesters (including Rob).  On November 6, TSA led a rally that surrounded the White House and drew more than 10,000 participants.  These efforts are widely credited with causing President Obama to delay a final decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline permit until after the 2012 election.  WIRT extends this invitation and welcome to the newly formed Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition, WIRT members, and other interested local activists.  Please view the following web link to optionally RSVP and for a map of the meeting location and additional information.  A carpool to Pullman will leave the Tri-State parking lot after 6:30 pm.  Contact Rob with your questions about this event.

For more information, see: Tar Sands/Climate Movement Strategy Session


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