Tar Sands Myth Busters: Oil

We don’t need the tar sands oil to give us “enough” oil or to free us from oil connections in the Middle East.

1) We have so much oil that the USA is exporting oil.  If we need more, we can export less.

U.S. Awash in Oil and Lies, Report Charges

For more in-depth information, click on “new report” to download a detailed pdf document.

2) We may not need dirty oil from the ground at all pretty soon.  We can pull excess carbon dioxide out of thin air and recycle it into carbon neutral fuel.

Enzyme Holds the Key to Renewable Hydrocarbons

3) We can also have ethanol without starving Africa or triggering frenzied corn speculation.  Many plants that can grow on land not suitable for major food crops can be used to make ethanol.  Agave is just one of them.

Mexico & Agaves: Moving from Tequila to Ethanol

4) Hemp offers many possibilities for cleaner and sustainable fuels.

Hemp Fuel

(Information compiled by Sharon Cousins.)

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