Another Megaload Snow Job

[Thursday transports postponed: see note below.]  Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night seems to stop the incessant onslaught of tar sands construction traffic through Moscow.  Why would it, when ExxonMobil, one of the largest corporations on Earth, has never played by Nature’s rules, not to mention the weather restrictions of its Idaho Transportation Department permits.  But with a 50 to 100 percent chance of one to two feet of snow and/or rain predicted for the megaload parking/staging area near Lookout Pass during the rest of the week, the three mini-megaloads each on Tuesday and Thursday nights, weighing between 55,000 and 85,000 pounds, could soon upend into the ditch as easily as a recent Lochsa highway fuel truck.

Because ExxonMobil subsidiary Imperial Oil is foisting yet another costly snow job on Idaho citizens paying for subsequent state infrastructure damages and city police overtime, join Moscow activists in vehemently protesting this fiasco.  Meet us at 7 pm on November 15 and 17, on the north side of City Hall at Second and Washington streets, to monitor these 22- to 24-foot wide road hogs and gather evidence of dispersed convoy wrongdoings between the Port of Lewiston and Moscow.  Please call 208-301-8039 first and bring your video or still camera, audio recorder, and or notebook.  Similar, separate module transits north of town on Highway 95 also require resident scrutinizing after our demonstrations of conscience.

Protesters, come out and rage against these clustered 15-foot high, 75- to 110-foot long machines of planetary destruction: the climate our grandkids inhabit will thank you for it.  Until we can shut these tar sands upgrader plant parts off ALL Northwest highways, please show up between 9:30 and 10 pm at the same location with your friends, family, and frustration.  If for now, we cannot beat the megaloads, we can greet them with displays of solidarity with all the people who resist corporate takeover of resources and democracies (Congratulations for two months of Occupy movement successes!).  Although Imperial Oil’s payloads are accompanied by traitors of 99 percent of Americans – state troopers, flaggers, and pilot vehicle drivers – we all know who will win eventually…

[Note: eventually is NOW!  The power and will of Nature, La Nina, and anti-megaload protesters are kicking some ExxonMobil butt!  Big Oil postponed three Thursday, November 17, Highway 95 transports “to a later date…due to adverse weather conditions” (or the adaptive incompetence of unsustainable industrial processes).  THINK SNOW, feel atmospheric carbon falling like snowflakes, and watch Earth’s future life mount like snow drifts in the Northern Rockies!]

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