For the Safety of the Greater Good

Tessa Jilot, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 10/11/11

For the last several weeks I have watched the megaloads roll through Moscow, not just as a protestor, but as a resident whose front yard has suddenly become a parking lot for giant, environmentally destructive, earth-raping equipment.

I am absolutely appalled by the complete lack of safety exhibited on behalf of Mammoet and the Idaho State Police. Every week I see pilot cars screaming down U.S. Highway 95 with no regard to the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour and without using turn signals, which help pedestrians like myself understand when it is safe to cross the street. Furthermore, and much more importantly, the Mammoet flaggers seem to have no training in regards to directing traffic.

During the October 6 haul there was a tractor-trailer and a motorcyclist who were directed into the middle traffic lane, which happens to be where the megaloads travel. The cyclist, having no idea what was happening, started yelling for assistance on where to go, but no one came to his aid. I watched him put himself in danger unknowingly because of safety oversight. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt by the lack of control during megaloads transport through Moscow, and ISP, Mammoet and Exxon should take sole responsibility.

As a Moscow resident, I have never felt so unsafe as I do watching these horrible loads driven through town. I thank all of the protestors who put themselves in harm’s way for the safety of the greater good.

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