It’s Worth the Fight to Save the Planet

Virginia Lohr, Pullman

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 8/31/11

I couldn’t disagree more with the weekend Daily Newseditorial (Opinion, Aug. 27 & 28). Megaload protesters are fighting the right fight. If global warming isn’t stopped, it’s the end of this planet as we know it.

The editorial board thinks the protests should move to D.C., but the deck is stacked against people working for positive change there, too. After a week of arrests, National Public Radio has yet to do a story on those peaceful protests, and the White House hasn’t commented on them either. Even if the D.C. action proves productive, most people can’t afford to go there or risk days in jail.

History has shown that peaceful civil disobedience can bring people to their senses. To promote it, those of us who care about a livable planet must do what we can, how we can, where we can. In fact, this paper, in the Palouse, not in D.C., has helped spread news of the issue through last week’s story on the megaload protest. It was repeated by other outlets across the Northwest and beyond – The Bellingham Herald, Houston Chronicle, The News-Times (Danbury, CT), and Middle East North Africa Financial News, to name just a few.

Informing the public about such protests by other concerned citizens is valuable. Reading that others support your cause is priceless. Upon learning of last week’s action, Bill McKibben, the lead organizer of the D.C. protests, tweeted: “@billmckibben gives a shoutout to everyone in Idaho stopping megaloads last night.” He doesn’t think the Moscow protests are misplaced.

Early Saturday, three women were arrested in Coeur d’Alene while simply monitoring the megaload. I hope that story is also picked up around the world. Every action, whether large or small, in Moscow, D.C., or Canada, covered by the mainstream press or not, contributes to awareness of this fight to save our planet.

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