Police Arrest Megaload Protesters in Moscow, Idaho 8-25-11

An Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil tar sands module moving through Moscow, Idaho, shortly after midnight on August 26, 2011, resulted in multiple arrests and the largest act of civil disobedience ever recorded in Moscow, after about 150 people gathered to protest.  Moscow police arrested six demonstrators who blocked the megaload for a half hour.  Approximately seventy such loads are traversing Highway 95 through the city, bound for the Alberta tar sands to strip mine and process ‘dirty oil’ bitumen from the pristine boreal forest/wetland ecosystem, spew the single greatest amount of carbon emissions over North America, and deposit vast quantities of polluted water into huge, toxic lakes that leak into the Athabasca River and poison wildlife and First Nations people.

Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney watched and later offered approving comments about the protest to the Moscow Pullman Daily News, who noted that she was saddened by the passing of the megaload through Moscow to the Alberta tar sands but felt the protest was successful.  “I thought the protest was peaceful and powerful,” she said.  “I think law enforcement, from my observations, handled it well.”  Chaney said she hopes that Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil will consider an alternative route from the Port of Pasco up U.S. Highway 395 then Interstate 90 through Washington and Idaho and into Montana to Interstate 15.  According to KRFP Radio Free Moscow, this was the least peaceful protest in the history of Moscow: Civil Disobedience Stops Tar Sands Megaload

(Video and heavily edited text provided by a megaload proponent)


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