// injunction granted

Missoula County Judge Ray J. Dayton granted a preliminary injunction halting the shipment of over-dimension loads along the Kearl Module Tranport Project (KMTP) route over Lolo Pass.

Read the decision by following the link below:


Although this represents a clear victory for those who have sought to stop the shipments along the HWY 12 Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, the language of the document makes no specific mention of the proposed US 95 to I 90 route. The recent shipment of equipment through Moscow, ID along US 95 indicates that the transport of these modules could in the future continue along this revised route. But, there is another obstacle compounding these modules transportation problems – a construction project currently underway on I 90. For now, the shipments may have been stopped. Stay tuned for further updates on Idaho’s and Montana’s permitting of over-sized loads destined for Alberta using this alternate route.

Recent Development

According to the Lewiston Morning Tribune (quoting MDT legal council Dave Ohler):

“If Imperial Oil is successful in getting paperwork reissued in Idaho and issued in Montana, road construction on Interstate 90 and Interstate 15 won’t be an obstacle…”

– from http://apps.itd.idaho.gov/

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