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On June 18th people all over the globe will be taking to the streets as part of an International Day of Action Against the Tar Sands and I want you to join them.

For more info on upcoming local actions contact wild.idaho.rising.tide@gmail.com


The Tar Sands are destroying forests, trampling indigenous rights, poisoning our atmosphere and river systems and threatening community health. On June 18th we will fight back globally. Demonstrations and protests are being organized around the world in the largest day of action against the Tar Sands ever.

Whether it’s forest destruction of areas that ultimately could equal the size of Scotland, toxic lakes that can be seen from space, the trampling of Indigenous rights or the poisoning of Canadian and US communities living near Tar Sands operations, turning Tar Sands into transportation fuel hurts our environment and communities every step of the way.

We need you to help draw a line in the sand and show companies and governments around the world that our future doesn’t contain this toxic resource. Take action with us on June 18!

If you can take action or need information please register by contacting Mike at mhudema@greenpeace.org

Thank you and see you on the streets on the 18th!

Plus any organization who wants to help but cannot be a part of the demo-fest can help in this way.

1) Link to our site http://stoptarsands.yolasite.com/
2) Join our Facebook group: International “Stop the Tar Sands!” Day http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115711035131958
3) Alert membership to “International Stop the Tar Sands Day” June 18, 2011.


Vancouver, British Columbia – Jessie – jessie.schwarz@greenpeace.org, Phil – tarsands.vancouver@gmail.com

Calgary, Alberta – Mike B. – tarsands.calgary@gmail.com, Tavis Ford – itzafineday@hotmail.com

Edmonton, Alberta – Mike H. – mike.hudema@greenpeace.org

London, Ontario – Steve – steve.darcy@gmail.com

Orangeville, Ontario – Brandon Cormier – brandon_cormier@live.com

Toronto, Ontario – Environmental Justice Toronto – ej.action@gmail.com or Natalie Caine – ncaine@greenpeace.org, Renee – tarsands.toronto@gmail.com

Ottawa, Ontario – Clayton – ienoil@igc.org, monsterredlight@gmail.com

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan – Rick Sawa, rj.sawa@sasktel.net

Regina, Saskatchewan – Salman Jaffery – mjaffery@gmail.com

Saskatoon, Saskachewan – Erin Ruel – samiam810@hotmail.com, 306-270-1840.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Council of Canadians Winnipeg – canadianswinnipeg@gmail.com

Contacts for other countries:
USA – Stephanie

Australia – Anna and Cheree

Latin America – Jorge jgarcera@yahoo.com


Berlin – Jendrik and Joe

Vienna – Erika and Ben

London – Peter

Barcelona and Madrid – Blanca

Paris – Corinne

Amsterdam and other European capitals – Derek

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