Paving Paradise

Tucked against Paradise Ridge, the small patch of low shrubs and bunchgrass appears unremarkable.

Yet this ten-acre parcel south of Moscow is one of the last, best remnants of the Palouse Prairie, one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America.

It is here that the Idaho Transportation Department plans to build a $17 million, four-lane stretch of highway, past the hawthorn bushes and wild rose.

“There’s really no Palouse Prairie left,” said Matt Finer, a Washington State University doctoral candidate studying the prairie.  “Paradise Ridge is one of the last good spots.  And the state wants a highway here?  It’s unimaginable.”

But it is the route chosen by the Idaho Transportation Board last week over the objections of the state Department of Fish and Game, conservationists, and local homeowners.

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(By The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, October 27, 2002)

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