Megaload Blockers’ Statements at Sentencing Hearing

Cass Davis and Jim Prall appeared before Judge John Judge in the Latah County Courthouse on Friday, April 6, for their sentencing on misdemeanors of disturbing the peace.  Both had peacefully linked arms and sat in Washington Street with Jeanne McHale and Pat Monger, attempting to stop three transports of Alberta tar sands processing equipment from crossing Moscow, Idaho, on Sunday night, March 4.  After Idaho state and Moscow city police dragged all four protesters to the side and the two men re-entered the road, Cass and Jim were arrested, jailed, and charged with resisting and obstructing officers.  Dana Johnson of the Northern Rockies Justice Center represented both defendants, who ultimately pleaded guilty to reduced charges and, at their open, public, hearing on Friday, read personal statements for the record, describing their reasons for their non-violent civil disobedience.  Listen to the Thursday, April 5 KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Montana Move to Amend, between 13:38 and 12:42 for their sentencing hearing announcement.  Hear Cass Davis’ statement between 28:33 and 22:01 of the Friday, April 6 Evening Report.  The transcripts of both Jim’s and Cass’ statements are available at Cass Davis and Jim Prall Sentencing Statements 4-6-12.

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