Accident Suspends Some Megaload Movements

MOSCOW – After a noninjury accident on U.S. Highway 95 about one mile south of here, megaload movements through Moscow have been suspended.

The suspension follows an incident Tuesday night, and resumption is pending the filing of an accident mitigation plan, the Idaho State Police reported.

The plan must be filed by the hauler with the Idaho Transportation Department and that probably won’t be until next week, ISP Capt. Lonnie Richardson said.

The accident occurred when an Exxon/Mobil oversized load destined for Canadian oil fields was staged south of town and highway traffic had been stopped, Richardson said. For some reason, he said, the driver of one of three oversized loads moved forward and an I-beam struck a Chevrolet Astro van, causing significant damage while pushing the vehicle into another car that sustained minor damage.

Richardson said Wednesday afternoon the accident remained under investigation, and no citations have been issued. He said no other details were available, pending filing of a report.

The accident caused a delay, with two loads eventually moving through town sometime after midnight. The load involved in the accident, Richardson said, will remain parked south of town until the investigation is complete.

(The Lewiston Tribune)

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