Megaload Protestors in Idaho Invite ‘Eco-Tourists’ to Join Them

Jeanne McHale, Moscow

Tar Sands Action website 9/28/11

Missoulian online only 10/9/11

Supporters of climate justice, please hear this plea.  Citizens of Idaho find themselves now at the nexus of greed, environmental degradation, and genocide.  Our ethically challenged state department of transportation has permitted the North Idaho transport of dozens of ExxonMobil megaloads of death, bound for Alberta tar sands operations.  The massive carbon emissions that would result from this mining project represent a point of no return for the planet.  Here in Moscow, Idaho, vigilant protestors are taking a stand as these road-hogging weapons of mass destruction, launched from the Port of Lewiston, bash through town in the late evenings (every Thursday), accompanied by throngs of state, local, and federal law enforcement officers.

Frankly, we need some help here.  North Idaho is beautiful in the fall, the tamarack are turning gold, and the rivers are running clear.  On absolutely no authority whatsoever, I declare the month of October to be “North Idaho Eco-tourism Month.”  Come join the members of Wild Idaho Rising Tide (friend them on facebook), the Moscow Volunteer Peace Band, and other anti-tar sands activists as we converge in Moscow, Idaho, to speak out against our unwilling participation in this immoral exploitation of the planet and its people.

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