Comment Period Extension for Port of Lewiston Expansion

With the possibility that Imperial Oil could ship megaloads up either or both highways coursing north from the Port of Lewiston, our public resource interests would best be served by constraining the capacity of the port to accept and store oil company modules at its facilities.  After all, it was the hearty welcome to the port by the Mega-ho governor and congressional delegation that foisted this looming industrial corridor hell upon us.  The good news is that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), who must consider any dock extension permit requested by the port due to its forays into public waters, has extended the public comment period another thirty days until August 22, 2011, perhaps due to our collective insistence.  So if you have not commented yet (perhaps due to WIRT’s late notice: Sorry!) or if you commented only on the overarching megaload situation encouraging port expansion (as detailed in Fighting Goliath’s forwarded talking points: Thanks!), you now have an (additional) opportunity to dissect and denounce the technical intricacies of the port’s expansion plan.  WIRT hopes to provide more information about these items later.  However, the bad news is that the Corps did not (yet!) offer public hearings addressing this port proposal, as many of us requested, and that the Port now also proposes laying foot-deep gravel on ten acres “to allow for additional storage area for equipment and miscellaneous products delivered to the port” (likely more megaloads).  Please see the brief public notice/permit application/project proposal, Port of Lewiston Expansion Permit Application, and WIRT’s submitted Port of Lewiston Permit Application Comments.  Send your comments about Application NWW-2010-213-Wpr (note different number) to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at

(From WIRT Newsletter)

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